March 13, 2016

Dragon Ball Super -- nice images



They're playing fast and lose with the canon in this series. For example, the Room of Spirit and Time. In the original series you could only spend two days (our time, i.e. two years inside) in the room, and both Vegita and Goku have already reached their limit. According to Mr. Popo, if you run over the door vanishes and you're stuck inside forever.

And the door is already gone: Piccolo destroyed it in an attempt to trap Majin Buu inside.

But as of this series it's back and there's no longer any limit. Vegita and Goku spent several more days inside, training with each other and not bothering to shave.

Some other changes: Bulma has an older sister named Tights. The Supreme Kai has figured out how to undo his merger with Whosisface and is back to his original form, which we were told was impossible. And Whosisface is back, too.

There are TWELVE universes, and each one has its own pantheon of deities, including its own God of Destruction. They are in pairs. Universes 1 and 12 are similar; 2 and 11 are similar, and so on. All this time we've been in universe 7. The God of Destruction in universe 6 is named Champa and he is the twin brother of our God of Destruction Bills/Beerus/whatever. Champa has an aide named Vados who seems to be the older sister of Whis, aide to Beerus.


Champa and Beerus are apparently competing, or at least Champa is. He seems to think that his universe has the best food, and he shows up with six bird's eggs which he claims are the most delicious food there is.

Well, they're just ordinary eggs, nothing special. Then Beerus brings out instant Ramen from Earth, and blows Champa away with how good it tastes.

And then it gets silly.

I'm not watching it regularly, but every once in a while I catch up.

And now I'm going to go hardboil three eggs and eat them.



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