June 08, 2016

Adding to the tropes

It always makes me feel good when I can add something to TVTropes. It feels like the way I could contribute to projects back when I could still work as an engineer. (I really miss that.)

I particularly like doing Wild Mass Guessing entries because I feel like I'm pretty good at finding odd ways of looking at things. And I got to do one today, for Musaigen no Phantom World: "Albrecht is a phantom".

(In case you don't remember, Albrecht is Kurumi's stuffed bear, who fights for her.)

UPDATE: I also added one recently for Dog Days to the effect that Sharl, the Ryuu no Miko, is actually a tochigami, like Yukikaze is, and Farine is. If so, Sharl may well be far, far older than she looks.

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