May 25, 2011

The advantages of angels

So there I was, playing a white/green game with the Trolls, and getting up on my research and aced a few really nice spells.

I've never messed around with angels before. They have the ability to add one shield, one sword, and one cross to all units in the same stack, and I figured it couldn't hurt my elite war trolls. So I summoned an angel, and put Regeneration on it, and added it to the stack.

And got a surprise: any enemy range striker would shoot for the angel, leaving my trolls alone. And since the angel was a regenerator, I didn't care. I cared even less after I got the Invulnerability spell and put that on the Angel.

Where that was the biggest surprise, and the most help, was in taking a red node that had one Great Drake and eight Fire Giants. All the fire giants threw their rocks at the Angel, and since it was invulnerable, none of them did anything. Had they been throwing at my war trolls, I might have lost a couple of stacks just for that reason alone. But this way I was able to use all eight of them against the Great Drake, which resulted in a pretty easy win.

When you're trying to take out an enemy, cities full of shamans are a pain in the ass. But they did the same thing: all the shamans, not to mention catapaults and other similar annoyances, picked on the angel. So did the enemy wizard.

The trolls were the big danger, and with all the enemy artillery lifted, they were able to easily kick ass.

I've learned another thing: it is vitally important to get Eldritch Weapon or Holy Weapon on a war troll, because trolls can't build alchemist guilds.

Both is even better yet. But once you get at least one of those, things go a whole lot better against a lot of kinds of enemies.

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