September 08, 2013

Senran Kagura video game

I was curious to see just what the game experience is like for Senran Kagura, so I checked out a youtube search and found an extended sample. It ran on something called a "PS Vita" and it's surprisingly good. The main characters gainax nicely during play. (Actual game play begins about 2:00.)

As one of the main girls gets progressively more damaged she loses her clothing. It's obvious why they did that -- but the incentive structure is wrong. If you're playing Asuka (for instance; that's who was being played in that video) then you get rewarded for losing. The right incentive structure would be for her to lose clothing as you gained points -- but of course that wouldn't make any sense.

Not that the game makes a lot of sense anyway.

I don't play games like that; I never have. But I enjoy watching other people play them, on occasion, and this one isn't the worst game I've ever seen.

I wonder if you can play all five of the main characters from Hanzou Academy? Hibari would be the problem, because she's not as good as any of the others. Her big thing is special attacks, and I wonder if she accumulates mana faster than anyone else?

In that video, Asuka used two special moves. One was an enhanced attack. The other was a heal that restored all her clothes (boo). She didn't call her frog, and in fact I don't recall her ever summoning her frog in the anime. But Hibari calls her rabbit a lot of times. I wonder if she can do that in the game? (Yagyuu summons her squid a lot of times, too, but Ikaruga and Katsuragi never summon their totems.)

I would think that Ikaruga and Yagyuu would be the best two player characters, and then Asuka, then Katsuragi, and finally Hibari. But I imagine they've done things to balance them all, so that they're approximately equal.

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1 It's actually a really fun, well-balanced game.  I got it for Vita back in February and I played it enough to get what's called a Platinum Trophy, which means you've completed everything the game has to offer.  I think in total I spent maybe 40 hours on it.  
It's got 15 total characters:  5 from the good ninja  school, 5 from the evil ninja school, and five more from an even more evil ninja school.  I believe it's the 3rd or 4th game in the series, so there's a lot of backstory the anime hasn't covered yet.  

I seem to recall that Asuka is the strongest and Hibari by far the weakest on the good guy team.  Hibari's special attack is the most powerful, though; she grows into a 50 foot tall Hibari and stomps on the enemy.  Her basic attacks are mostly her helplessly flailing her fists, though, so she's hard to use.

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