May 14, 2010

My favorite spell

I don't really remember MOM very well. But I remember this spell:

Chaos. Global Enchantment. Casting Cost: 1250 mana;
Upkeep: 40 mana/turn. Very Rare.

Inexorably and methodically destroys both worlds. For each volcano that rises from a map square, the casting wizard gains one magic power point per game turn.

It took a long time to get it, and a hell of a lot of power to start it and keep it going. But after a while it paid for itself, and it was amazing to see the entire world except for your own territory getting turned into volcanoes. I remember a couple of times where I let it run long enough to pretty much convert the entire world.

Of course, it makes everyone else utterly pissed off at you, but by that point I was already on everyone's shit list, so it didn't matter.

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