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LoPan, how did you manage to get that ship onto the land? (The Great Wyrm is mine.)

Later in that same game, Horus had a stack of four shamans out in the middle of the water with no spells on them. I couldn't figure that one out, either.

I've gotten stuck in a rut always playing the Draconians. A month or so ago I tried beginning games as Dark Elves and as Dwarves, but I got killed almost immediately. The Draconians are the easiest Myrran race to play IMHO.

Today, though, I'm trying a game as Trolls. Having a hard time starting with those, too, but not as bad.

The  big thing about Draconians is that once you get a wall of stone around your town, most raiders and wandering monsters can be ignored. They attack your town, see something flying in the city entrance, and just stand there.

That didn't happen with the Dwarves or Dark Elves, and eventually something came along that was too tough. (Usually a swarm of phantom warriors.) With the Trolls, at least, their units are a lot tougher than usual (a lot more hearts, shields and swords) plus even if they die they come back as long as you win the battle.

UPDATE: I had one game where something went seriously wrong with the database. Certain enemy units had every intrinsic special in the book: invisibility, invulnerability, large shield, you name it. It took something like five clicks to page through them all.

UPDATE: I had memories from long ago of taking a stack of War Trolls and pretty much romping  through everything on the board. Now I'm finding out that my memory wasn't wrong. A stack of 8 elite War Trolls defeated two Great Drakes plus a ton of helldogs in a red node, and that's not easy.

And the only magic I had on them was Water Walking. No Stone Skin or Iron Skin, or Elemental Armor, for instance.

I started this game with all green books, but I've found four black books so far. Someone talked about taking War Trolls and casting Black Channels on them. It doesn't strike me as being as good as Lionheart, but it's also cheaper, and if I get that spell, I'll give it a try.

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1 Maybe he used Flight, moved the ship over land, and at some point cancelled the spell?

Posted by: metaphysician at May 25, 2011 05:14 AM (hD30M)

2 I don't know how he'd do it with 5 adjacent water squares (45 ships), but one other way to do that is to build a ship with no adjacent empty water squares for it to appear in; it would just appear in an available land square. (That may be fixed in 1.31, and I'm remembering way back to the 1.0-1.2-ish versions of the game.)

  Units stranded over water... windwalkers and ships interact oddly, so if they crossed paths, they might leave units stranded on a water square. (Different-speed ships may also do that.) I know I've had windwalker-led stacks who would "vacuum up" walkers they moved over, or who would sprinkle slower units behind them, depending on how they moved. And if you didn't have Myrror locked down, he might have dorked up a planar shift spell, or the spell that makes a city into a planar tower. (Horus is blue/white, right? So he could potentially have all the planar spells plus windwalk, plus Jaer.) There's probably a way to do it by killing/dismissing a boat, too (6 shamans riding 3 triremes, 2 triremes get killed... 1+2 sail off and leave 4 shamans treading water?) I'm pretty sure canceling waterwalk (or flight) on a unit over water drowns them, though.

  And I doubt the computer has code to "rescue" stranded units (considering he can't stop himself from filling one-square lakes with triremes or constantly transmuting special map squares back and forth), so once it happens, they're there until you take mercy on them and kill 'em.

Units getting extra intrinsics: there are some overflow bugs in the game. Give a hero or magic item too long a name, and it can walk off the end of its buffer and do interesting things like that. And MOM's memory management is kinda-subpar anyway; I'm sure the game can do this to itself as well.

Posted by: Mikeski at May 25, 2011 01:36 PM (GbSQF)

3 The ship-on-land bug is one I've encountered before, and the game started crashing badly soon afterward. They'd actually move across land, but if they encountered anything (or I attacked them) the game would crash. It finally got unplayable, and I had to start a new one.

I'm having a similar issue in this game, except that my treasury, mana, income, mana generation and food production will all go to 0. It started right after Baghtru had this problem...

And yes, I smashed a few cities before I saved the game, and he reverted.

Posted by: ubu at May 25, 2011 05:54 PM (GfCSm)

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