May 26, 2013


Remember that horrible tornado from last week? The one that obliterated a large part of a town and killed a lot of people and left a lot more homeless?

I just noticed that it's vanished completely from the news. I wonder how those people are doing? Are they getting the help they need?

Here's what I know: if a Republican were President, we'd be getting 24-7 reports on how badly the post-disaster aid process was going. Whether it was really all that bad or not, that's the story we'd be getting.

But since a Democrat is President, there's no story here to be told, good or bad. And that's why it's completely vanished.

UPDATE: Actually, I thought there was going to be coverage. Here's the narrative: "Well, we'd really like to help those people, but the sequester is preventing it!"

UPDATE: Don has a comment.

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