August 03, 2013

Railgun S -- eps 8-10

I admit I was curious to watch the battle between Mikoto and ITEM. And I have a few thoughts. Spoilers, below the fold.


First, Frenda. She must have spent a week setting up that building, what with all the primer cord and shaped charges she laid all over the place, not to mention several thousand explosive dolls.

I have to admit I liked Mikoto's "I can use these" line. But then they took it to ridiculous extremes. When she fought Melt Downer she must have used upwards of a hundred of those dolls. How did she have time to find them all and rig them all with embedded pieces of metal? That would have taken hours, and it doesn't seem to have been more than a few minutes.

Finally, Mugino (Melt Downer): I think it's been noted before, but the one thing that is particularly distinctive about Mikoto is that she's the only level 5 who doesn't come off as a sociopath. All the others seem to be viciously crazy. Mugino certainly is as vicious as all the others we've met.

So far we've met #1 (Accelerator), #4 (Melt Downer), and #5 (The Queen). I just looked it up in the Wiki. #6 has never appeared in the series, and #7 doesn't seem to be a lunatic, but #2 sure is. Meanwhile, #3 (Railgun) is sweet and kind and loving and caring. I wonder how she dodged the bullet?

Is it really true that Mikoto is still #3, late in the canon? #2 died, and came back -- sort of, kind of. #1 took a bullet in the head and his power, actually his control, is substantially reduced. I wonder if Mikoto effectively became #1 by default?

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1 A few points about the world, that I've picked up over time.  I'll toss them in spoilers, though.

On the Levels:

On Level 5s:

I thought the Teddy Bears had metal in them already, which is why Mikoto could use them?  But, yeah, there were a few too many around.  Though, that head shot.  I laughed hard at that one.

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2 Though, that head shot.  I laughed hard at that one.


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3 I assumed the other level 5s were like Accelerator, turned psycho by the effects of the powers that be attempts to advance them. Misaka is an exception partly because their interest in her was cloning her.

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4 There's a side character Gunha Sogiita who firmly believe he's in a super hero shonen series and act like it.  He goes out of his way to help the helpless.  He has beyond a sense of chronic heroic symptom  he's the living embodiment of it.  No one (least of all, himself) knows how his power works but he's more than powerful enough to be a level 5.  Due to how ridiculous he is, he rarely appears in both the light novel and manga.
And yes, he's not a sociopath.  He genuinely want to fight injustice and evil.
Also Level 5 are rated by how useful they are to the leader of Academy City, not precisely due to how powerful they are.
So they're listed as: Accellerator Teitoku Kakine
Mikoto Misaka Shizuri Mugino <haven't been seen yet> Gunha Sogiita
Yep, of the 6 known ones, only 2 are not sociopath.  One of them is our railgun, and the other one is a chronic dogooder.  

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