January 15, 2014

Mouretsu Refrigerator

It's taken a long time and many rewatches of Mouretsu Pirates for me to start spotting logic errors in the show. One in particular, which is a spoiler, below the fold.

The last search expedition from Serenity for the Golden Ghost Ship was 15 years ago, according to Courier.

Gruier is 13 years old. Grunhilde is 10 years old. Both of them were grown in the Rose Spring on board the Ghost Ship.

How did they get to Serenity?

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1 Obviously they were born twins. The last expedition to the GGS was terribly difficult and damaged several of the ships.
As a precaution they were placed on separate ships to lessen the possibility of loosing both of them. With the GGS warping in and out they managed to leave at the worst possible moment and the two remaining ships blew up their hyperdrives in the process, being deposited 3 light years apart. Due to the gravity of the situation and the secrecy surrounding the GGC they proceded home via STL drives arriving  a bit less than two and 5 years later respectively with a negligible passage of time aboars ship due to time dilation effects. This fans the "younger"princess's resentment as she is told that she was in fact born first but for all intents and purposes her thronal seniority has been knocked down by circumstances.

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2 Uh-huh.

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