November 16, 2011

Dog Days -- official romanization

It turns out that the Japanese BD release of Dog Days includes subtitles in English, French, and Chinese. The ANK-Raws rip preserved all three.

The first four BDs out of six are out now, and I'm thinking about ordering the whole series. But anyway, this is probably as close as we're going to get to an official romanization of all the names in the series. So as of the first episode, here's what I've noted:

Filianno Castle
Galette Lion Army
Mion Fortress
Knight Brioche Dalkian
Millefiore Filianno Biscotti
Kinokawa City
Sink Izumi
Framboise Charle
General Bernard
Eclair Martinozzi
Loran Martinozzi

"Loran" is a surprise; I thought his name was "Roland". "Sink" is even more of a surprise; all the fansubbers have settled either on Cinque or Shinku. (Interestingly, his name is "Sink" in the French subtitles, too.)

I think the biggest surprise for me is Millefiore. I don't think anyone has used that, but it should have occurred to me.

"Dalkian" is another surprise. The fansubbers mostly settled on D'Arquien. And "Knight" as a title was interesting; it means they dodged the whole question of dame versus sir.

I've got the first nine episodes, and by the time I'm through them all I should have encountered all the important formal names in the show. (I'm really curious about the woman broadcaster. In the fansubs she's variously called Percy and Hershey.)

Of course, I'm not watching in hopes of seeing uncensored shots. Not at all.

(Actually, I really am not. I don't expect there to be any difference in the visuals between the BD and the broadcast.)

UPDATE: If they were going to decensor any shot, it would have been this one: NSFW. So here's what it looked like on the BD: NSFW. No difference that I can see.

UPDATE: Even they can't stay consistent. Ep 2:

"animal fur balls"
"cat fur balls"
Sacred Sword, Palladium
They translate bo as "stick" rather than "staff".
"Flonya Power that lies in the land and skies of Flonyald"
Seal Cannon
Leonmitchelli Galette de Rois

So they can't settle on a single spelling for Leonmichelli AKA Leonmitchelli. They also used both Éclair and Eclair.

"Palladium" is a bit of a surprise; the consensus was "Palladion".

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1 Looks like facepalm subs, but it's all right. I just strive to watch everything raw...

Posted by: Pete Zaitcev at November 16, 2011 05:44 PM (G2mwb)

2 It's kind of refreshing to learn of a series that has chosen not to include gratuitous nudity!

Posted by: Boviate at November 18, 2011 04:19 PM (RPpft)

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