December 13, 2013

Static zap

It's been really cold around here the last week or so, and as a result the relative humidity inside my apartment is really low. I keep zapping my computers by accident, which scares me.

My main computer is acting flakey; the mouse keeps freezing up. If I unplug it and wait a few seconds and plug it back in, it works again. (Except once, my computer was in a hard freeze and I had to power cycle it.)

I think I'm going to put a pan of water on my stove and boil it to get some water vapor into the air. (Note: suggestions not needed.)

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1 My printer just randomly died last week.  I think blaming it on the weather is fully acceptable.

Posted by: sqa at December 14, 2013 01:59 AM (BHEa5)

2 My house was constructed without a vapor barrier, and the humidity gets QUITE low.  It was down to 29% and I had to dig out my humidifiers and clean them up.  It took a few days to get the place up to 40%, which is enough that I can touch the cats without electrocuting them.

I've gone through a number of different models and types over the years, and if you DID want advice, I could tell you the best kind.

Posted by: Mauser at December 14, 2013 03:11 AM (TJ7ih)

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