February 25, 2014

Going for a walk

I feel like complaining about my life, so I'm going to do what Brickmuppet does: put some cheesecake above the fold, and hide all the unpleasant stuff below the fold:


These days the only reason I have for going out is to pay my rent. At the end of January I didn't have to; Sharon and Gene were checking all the apartments in this block looking for a leaking water heater. Turned out to be in the apartment above me, but I was able to give Sharon my rent check while they were looking at mine.

So today I got dressed and went outside for the first time this year. According to Google Maps, it's about 100 yards from here to the apartment office, and it was demoralizing how hard it was for me to make the round-trip. These days I can hobble around the apartment, but going out any significant distance is pretty much out of the question. For instance, I'd like to visit the butcher shop, but it's more than half a mile away, and that's impossible.

At the rate I'm losing control over my left leg, I'll be in a wheelchair in another year. That prospect doesn't appeal to me, to put it mildly.

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