November 25, 2013



Having wiped out all the small trees, they're getting ambitious now. I think they may already have ring-barked the one on the left, and they're giving it a good beaver try for the one on the right.

Those maple trees stand a good 75 feet tall and their trunks are probably 10 inches in diameter, so it's no small job for a beaver to bring one of them down. It'll be interesting to see how they progress.

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1 They no longer fear that the government will take action against them if they become too much of a nuisance, now that they have the means to fight back...

Posted by: Siergen at November 25, 2013 11:18 AM (c2+vA)

2 Those trees are as good as dead now that they've been completely debarked all the way around.  If the beavers don't get them, they'll have to be cut down anyway.

Posted by: Mauser at November 26, 2013 04:34 AM (TJ7ih)


Game called on account of human interference. The complex handyman is out there now wrapping the tree trunks in chicken wire.

That won't work for a long term solution; they're going to have to bring those trees down eventually. But it'll stop the short term predation by the beavers and stabilize the situation.

Posted by: Steven Den Beste at November 26, 2013 02:39 PM (+rSRq)

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