November 11, 2013

A sad anniversary

A year ago today I had my stroke. A year ago tomorrow I went to the hospital for it.

I don't apologize for waiting. I didn't really understand what was happening to me, the first day. My left leg and left arm seemed weak, but I was still able to scramble my eggs for breakfast, and I could type, albeit with difficulty. That was a Saturday, and my physical condition continued to deteriorate until the following Wednesday (in the hospital), which was the low point. By then, my left arm and left leg were virtually useless. I could still move them, somewhat, but I couldn't use them for what nature intended. (Nature gave me hands so I could type, right?)

Three weeks of therapy got most of it back, and the high point was about last spring. Starting in the summer, I began to lose control over my left leg again. I can still hobble around -- even without my cane, when I need to -- and I can carry a plate from my kitchen to my computer table. I can carry the groceries from the door to my kitchen when they deliver, and I can unpack and store everything. I still have full control over my left hand (nearly as good as it always was) and I can type just fine. But the last time I took a long walk was August, and I wouldn't want to try it now. Even short walks (taking out my garbage, or walking to the laundry room) are a problem especially if I'm trying to carry something.

And I can't stand for long periods of time. About ten minutes is my limit; then I get an increasing amount of pain in my lower left back that only goes away (nearly immediately) when I sit down. I figure that one of the neural circuits which controls one critical muscle is only connected to part of the muscle, and the part of it that's working accumulates fatigue poisons.


I don't generally bitch about my life here, but this is a special occasion.

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1 Yeah, that's something to complain about.  I kind of had a feeling something was up; you were being silent too often.  I don't understand why it would go in that direction, but maybe I'm atypical, or your other condition(s) are interacting with it.  

Posted by: ubu at November 11, 2013 08:35 PM (GfCSm)

2 The postural muscles in the hip & lower back are annoying to deal with in the first place.  They get weak quickly and are hard to build up.  The stroke & discoordination that resulted played some nasty havoc, obviously.  

It might be worth an appointment or two to a PT for some tricks, though that's a rough one, no way around it.  Those are actually the specific muscles I've spent years working on rebuilding without the best of results.   Best wishes on a future recovery.

Posted by: sqa at November 11, 2013 09:55 PM (rdcLU)

3 sqa, I'm thing our best hope at this point is to find an Otaku Rest Home where the attendants dress in cosplay.  From hentai series.  I'll be the one sitting on the porch going, "I remember this one time on the Marne, or maybe it was the Seine, anyway, me and the Red Baron..."*

*Snoopy, from a Mad Magazine parody, "What if the Peanuts Characters Aged?"

Posted by: ubu at November 12, 2013 04:26 AM (GfCSm)

4 If they look like the ones at the rehab facility last year, you wouldn't want them in cosplay costumes. (All except one: one of the physical therapists was really stunning.)

Posted by: Steven Den Beste at November 12, 2013 08:09 AM (+rSRq)

5 What to say, but "bummer"?  Glad you shared.

Posted by: ForgottenBoy at November 12, 2013 09:55 PM (bHxbn)

6 I was grieved to read about your relapse.

Posted by: Mackilwraith at January 28, 2014 10:19 PM (hWnNu)

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