February 06, 2013

Welcome, Spica!

6PM, They just delivered it. I was the last delivery. (Oh, well, someone has to be.)

Step 1: upgrade to Win7 Pro.

Step 2: catch up on patches. Back in about three hours.

UPDATE: Actually, step 1 is to burn install DVDs. It'll take 6, and probably take upwards of an hour. But it'll be good to have them.

UPDATE: And now it tells me it'll take four DVDs. Sounds like it was written by the same guy who wrote the code that predicts how long a big copy will take.

UPDATE: McAfee uninstalled, and Microsoft Security Essentials is installed. Doing patches now. Upgrade to Pro is going to have to wait until I get email working, because that's how they send you the upgrade key.

UPDATE: Proxomitron is working, and I am using Spica to make this update.

UPDATE: Note to myself someday: Agent's data files are in
C:\Users\Steven\Appdata\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\Agent

UPDATE: OK! Agent and K9 are set up, and I have email again. Now I can upgrade to Win7 Pro.

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