September 22, 2016

Social media

I've been trying to stay clear of "social media" but it's difficult. I eventually had to open a Facebook account because it made it a lot easier to leave comments on sites like Instapundit. But I don't use it for anything else, and I don't have any "friends" there. I don't have a Twitter account and I visit LiveJournal about once every three years. (The only reason I signed up for LiveJournal was so that I could comment on Pete's posts there before he moved elsewhere.)

This morning Twitter suspended Instapundit's account, and the result inevitably was a firestorm. They turned it back on again with a face-saving demand, but Glenn says he isn't going to keep using it.

Another one of those comment systems where you have to be a member is Disqus. I actually joined that one something like ten years ago, but I had to do some searching to figure out what password I used. And it turns out that you can "follow" people on Disqus. I just noticed a couple of days ago that I had 1 follower.

I'm not sure if this is a good thing or not.

Which brings this up: Severtember!

UPDATE: And more.

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