February 05, 2011


This is dull, but I ain't gotta else to say.

This morning my torrent machine was at a standstill. The traffic graph showed it running 100% right up to maybe 2:00 AM, and then shutting down completely. No torrents running at all.

In fact, I couldn't even do a tracert to any place, even though that worked normally on the other computer.

Oddly enough, when I turned on WiFi on the torrent machine, it was able to access the net normally. So I took a look at the TCP/IP settings for the ethernet interface, and it was no longer set to use the Qube as a gateway.

So once that got fixed, it was back online just like normal. I have no idea why it got shut off, but my suspicion is that IP lease ran out and the DHCP server on Deneb didn't provide the right information.

But I looked at it, and the DHCP server is set up properly. So I'm confused.

IP leases currently run out weekly. Next Saturday it'll be interesting to see if the torrent machine falls to its knees again. Or to see if either of the others do before then.

Meanwhile, it occurred to me today that I never fully cycled Saten's battery. When I get a new device with a lithium battery in it, I like to run the battery through a full charge/discharge/charge cycle once. I got told one time that it would make the battery work better.

With older battery technologies you had to do that on a regular basis, but with lithium batteries once is enough.

And even if it's not helpful, it certainly won't hurt anything. And I'm also curious to see how long it lasts. I changed the power settings to leave everything running full forever on batteries, and I've got a flash animation running that's keeping the CPU at about 40%. It's been 40 minutes so far, and the battery shows 92% full, which isn't too bad.

UPDATE: After 3 hours, it still says 33%, which is not too bad. Under real use it would probably last even longer, because normal use doesn't load the CPU like this.

UPDATE: Just shy of 4 hours when I got the 10% warning and decided to bail.

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