September 16, 2012

Offline backups

I took a look, and it's been ten months since I last did an offline backup -- by which I mean, a backup to storage that I don't routinely leave connected to my computer.

I've got two 3TB USB drives which I alternate for this. The last time I did a backup was last November. The previous time was the June before that. So that's the drive I'm doing now.

These drives are huge but they aren't record breakers for speed. I started copying my anime collection yesterday afternoon and it should be finished about midnight. Then I've got few hundred gigabytes of other stuff, which should take through tomorrow night, and then I'll feel a lot more secure.

I'm getting transfer rates of about 21 megabytes per second, which is fast enough for something like this that I don't do all that often. But no matter how fast the drive, it's gonna take a hell of a long time to copy and store 2 TB of fansubs. Ye Gods.

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1 I recently did some HDD swapping (old for new) and, even with internal speeds, Terabytes just take time.  Though I still remember doing tape back ups of our HDD.  That was one of those "okay, does anyone need the computer for the next day?  Speak up now." situations.

Posted by: sqa at September 17, 2012 02:01 AM (OJQsT)

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