July 24, 2012

Kindle Fire -- bookmarks

Last night I discovered a new feature. If you're on a page in a book, you can click the upper right corner of the page and a little blue ribbon shows up. Clicking it makes it go away again. If it's there, then if you click the "book" icon at the bottom of the screen, one of the things that show up is a list of all your bookmarks.

Wish I'd known that a long time ago -- but to find it out I'd have had to read the documentation. And manuals are for wimps.

Back in the day, when I was at Tektronix and was doing user interface design, one of our basic principles was this: when our product gets delivered to a customer, the unit gets unpacked and put on a desk, and the manual gets unpacked and locked in a file cabinet. So our user interface had to be immediately accessible to any user without assuming he'd seen the manual.

I blew that once (7D02) and aced it once (1240) when I was in the Logic Analyzers group.

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