April 25, 2011

Alcyone -- returns

Alcyone is still broken. But it's home. The guys at the computer repair place lied to me last week, saying that the fan was in the city and just needed to be delivered.

I got the real story this time, I think. The fan was shipped from Hong Kong on the 12th, with estimated delivery of 13-18 days.

That's 13-18 business days. In normal human terms, what that means is "a month". About two weeks have elapsed, so it'll be a couple more weeks before the damned thing shows up.

In the mean time, I got Alcyone back again. With the cooling fan suspect, I can't really use it heavily, so I can't yet start working on updating the top rotation. (Which, among other things, will require me to develop a flash. Flash development is CPU intensive.)

But it will mean I can catch up with three weeks of email. It will mean I can once again leave comments in places where a password is required. But the sound of the fan drives me bozo, so it'll have to stay off most of the time, and this Compaq will continue to be my main computing platform for the time being.

I'm peeved, needless to say. Not because it's taking a long time; that's beyond their control. What I'm peeved about is last week, them telling me whatever came to mind in order to make me go away.

That computer model is still being sold, and I'm beginning to consider buying a new one and swapping my drives into it. Then, when the older one gets repaired (when and if) it could become a torrent machine.

UPDATE: This update posted using Alcyone. It still works. And it's still annoyingly loud. I'm running a backup now, and then I'll check my email.

And then it's getting turned off again. I'll only be turning it on when I need to do something that I can't do with the other machine.

UPDATE: 28 emails, of which 13 were spam. And one may have been phishing to try to get my Paypal account.

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