May 22, 2015

Red Half-rim Glasses watch -- Shinmai Maou no Testament


This is the school nurse in Shinmai Maou no Testament. I'm going through it now looking for plunder. As usual in cases like this I'm doing it backwards, and the last few episodes don't have a lot I can use, mainly because I don't use censored images, post-MCSA images, rape images or torture images. (Yikes.) But I think I can get away with this one:


I assume I'll get a lot more stuff the closer I get to the beginning of the series. But this won't be a fruitful as some have been.

UPDATE: Other things I avoid: guys, tears, dirt, blood, girls looking terrified, girls crying; it's really cutting down on the selection, I tell you.

UPDATE: Down to ep 3 now, and I'm getting images I can use.


Mio is almost gross, almost Maken-ki sized. Not quite; she's just short of the line. Of course, her figure is superhuman, but that's what you'd expect from a demon, isn't it?

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