April 12, 2016

Idolmaster uncovered!

Pete complained that there wasn't any pr0n of Idolmaster. Well, he didn't actually complain, but I'm taking his comment as license to post some. It's all his fault! Don't blame me!

Anyway, that's as may be. I am not sure everything I'm including here is actually Idolmaster. I have a directory named "idols" where I stash images about... idols, but it isn't just Idolmaster. It's also Wake Up, Girls, Love Live, Kancolle, Hatsune Miku, K-On, Sailor Moon, and some stuff that looked to me like idols but which probably wasn't. So I went through that to find these images, and it won't surprise me if I've included something that isn't Idolmaster. It also won't surprise me if I included a picture I've posted here before. If so I apologize for the redundancy.

Anyway, they're all NSFW (because FFN) so I'm not putting them inline. If you want to see them, click the links. Also, they're bigger than usual, and a few of them are immense simply because they would be impossible to see if they were reduced much more. (One of them has 50 girls on it.) Um, not hardcore, though, and no icky boys.

09297 09298 09299 09300 09301 09302 09303 09304 09305
09306 09307 09308 09309 09310 09311 09312 09313 09314

And now I am going to post one SFW picture inline because I have a question about her. I gather that her name is "Shibuya Rin" and what's interesting about her is that all the other idols are usually shown wearing bikinis or fancy costumes or nothing at all in fanart, but Rin usually is shown in her school uniform. Is that a character trait from whatever show she's in? Or is she older than the others?


She also gets cheesecake shots, of course, but not nearly as many as the other girls. So what's the deal with her?

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1 All three members of New Generations default to their school uniforms in promotional imagery as well as in their regular cards. But until the anime came along, Rin was the only popular one. Perhaps that, as well as the audacity to wear a necklace with a necktie, cemented her iconic image in public perception.

After the anime came along, other characters started to receive more interest, and they spent a large amount of the screen time wearing various stage outfits and street clothing. So, Rin's co-stars have a different history to them in fandom.

Nowadays if you search for Rin's images, you can see the grayish blue dress. It's a good indication of an artist who did not play the game and only watched the anime (I know that the dress is on a card, but).

Posted by: Pete Zaitcev at April 12, 2016 09:08 PM (XOPVE)

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