August 09, 2016


I've been spending quite a lot of time looking at pictures on Gelbooru, as you know, and I'm continually amazed, and often outright revolted, at some of the fetishes the artists have. But I guess no one can really understand any fetish they don't themselves have.

Me? I don't have any fetishes!

The ones that really bother me I won't describe specifically, but I can't understand why, for instance, anyone would want to look at a grisly picture of a pretty girl being brutally murdered, with lots of blood and her face writhed in agony. You can find hundreds of pictures like that, and a lot that are far more nauseating.

I can't understand anyone wanting to look at such a thing, and I reallycan't understand why someone would spend hours or even days drawing such a thing. Ignoring the subject matter, many of them show very high craft skill and they can't be quick to draw!

What a waste. They could be drawing panty shots better stuff instead.

Posted by: Steven Den Beste in Cheesecake at 07:50 PM | Comments (1) | Add Comment
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1 Danbooru's somewhat better.

Posted by: muon at August 10, 2016 11:59 PM (IUHrD)

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