November 09, 2015

Fairy Tail babes

There's a stretch of fifteen or so episodes in the new season where they decided to save money on the EDs by scanning over still pictures. 12 of them are good looking women, so I thought they'd make a good cheesecake post.

Princess Jade


Levy. She's the only woman in the guild who doesn't have breasts the size of cantelope.

I'm not sure who this is. It' s not Lisanna because Lisanna's hair is short. It's not Mirajane because she doesn't have the hair tuft. And no one else I can think of has hair that color.
UPDATE: I think it's supposed to be Mirajane, with her hair down.

That's Kagura from Mermaid Heel.

Millianna, also from Mermaid Heel.

Yukino, Sabertooth

Jenny, Blue Pegasus

Lucy, of course.


Wendy and Charl

Flare (along with Lucy, Wendy, and Erza). By this point in the series she isn't part of any guild. (She was in Raven Tail.)

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