July 09, 2007

Boy! I'm sure excited!

An amazing advance, it says here:

A San Francisco company said Friday it plans to build the world's largest solar power farm near Fresno, California.

The 80-megawatt farm is to occupy as much as 640 acres and upon completion in 2011 will be 17 times the size of the largest U.S. solar farm, said Cleantech America LLC, a privately held 2-year-old company.

80 megawatts! Wow!

Today, California used 40 gigawatts at its peak, around 5 PM. That's 500 times the anticipated power output of that plant.

Of course, there are just a few things that have to be done before they can bring this sucker online:

Among the hurdles to be crossed before the new farm can be built, said Barnes, is buying the acreage somewhere in the San Joaquin Valley, hooking the farm to transmission lines, and contracting with a manufacturer of photovoltaic solar panels.

Details, details... (And let's not even talk about how much it's going to cost -- since they won't tell us.)

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