October 25, 2012

Beavers -- erosion

Finally got my act together enough to go outside today (to pay my rent) and I took my camera and went out to the creek.



The concrete pipes under the culvert are completely blocked. I couldn't even see where the upstream ends of them were. There's no water flow through them.



The rain started about a week ago here, and we've had two or three pretty good rain storms.

And the stream has washed away part of the soil over the pipes. That's the new route of the creek. Which is a real problem. That culvert is the only way across the creek. People go over it with their dogs, but now it isn't safe. And a couple times a year men go over there with lawnmowers and other stuff and clear away the brush, and as it stands there's no way for them to do it.

Just filling in that slot is pointless unless there's another way for the water to go. Somehow or other, those pipes have to be unclogged.


That's a rather placid scene, isn't it? Nature, untouched. Well, except for the downed tree.


Here's another view of that tree. The one next to it looks to be doomed. They're already working on it. I didn't look closely but I think it's already dead, ringbarked. There are no leaves on it.

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