August 06, 2016

Ange Vierge ep 5

Well, no one ever bothered posting the AT-X version of this show and almost certainly that's because AT-X is showing the exact same version as the terrestrial stations.

I took a look at CD-Japan and the first BD is scheduled for mid October and is selling in a "special edition" for about $160, depending on how the exchange rate goes by then. So there isn't anything subtle about what's going on.

The fifth episode came out today, and I got curious and downloaded all the episodes up to this point, and just watched them. I'm assuming that I don't have to be careful about spoilers here, and I'm not going to be. (You can't spoil trash.)

There are six main characters in the show. The basic concept is that there are five world, each different (and conveniently color coded) and each having a different race of people. The black world, for instance, is populated by vampires. Another one has angels. A third has cyborgs. World Blue is ours.

This show is based on a card game, though I'm not sure if it's "collectible card game" or "play it on your phone card game". Regardless, you the player collect girls and then use them to fight other players and/or NPC's or something.

In the TV show combat teams consist of a number of girls called "Exceeds" who have super powers and one girl called an "alpha driver" who represents the human player in the game. When the team goes into combat, the exceeds go out to meet the enemy and the alpha driver stays behind inside an armored capsule. She has the ability to form a link with her Exceeds and can feed them energy, which makes them stronger and faster. But when they get hurt, some of the damage splashed back to her. And if they try to draw more than she can provide, it's a problem.

In our team the alpha driver is named Amane and she's from world blue. Her team has one girl from each of the five worlds. Exceeds have ranks based on how strong they are and at the beginning of the show Amane's team are only at rank 2, mostly. Everybody wants to be better than that and Amane herself is part of the bottleneck. A couple of members of her team rag on her because she doesn't seem to be taking it seriously, but then it comes out that she's been training very, very hard and the reason she seems to be lazing about is that she's recovering from the training she's been doing -- which she doesn't tell her Exceeds about.

What they're all doing is trying to prevent a celestial level catastrophe. The five worlds are moving towards one another and when they meet all five worlds will be destroyed. When the gateway between the worlds appeared this process also began, and a mysterious enemy called Ouroboros appeared and started attacking.

In the second episode the Ouroboros made a massive attack near the main human base and the commander decided to commit all the top level people to go fight it, leaving behind only the most junior people to defend the base.

Unfortunately, that attack was a demonstration, and the Ouroboros then attacked the base. Their target was actually the alpha drivers and they sealed all of them, including Amane, into giant crystals. They're still alive but they're paralyzed and unconscious.

And it turns out that all the high level people involved in fighting the demonstration lose their contacts with their alpha drivers and are defeated. They all get turned to the dark side, more or less.

I didn't mention that in the first episode every one of Amane's exceeds has a sempai from her world and appeals to her for training and assistance. Well, all of those get turned to the dark side, and it appears that most of the rest of the series is in a pattern: each kouhai fights against her respective sempai and does something that causes her power to go way up, making it possible for her to win despite being totally outclassed. In ep 3 it was Saya, the one from World Blue. In eps 4 and 5 it was Almaria, the one from world Black. I assume each of the other three will get the same thing eventually, and then Dr. Michael will figure out some way to free Amane from her crystal and we'll get a boss fight in which Amane's team will suddenly be vastly more powerful than before having unofficially leveled up substantially and will win, saving everyone.

So, how about the "Buy the BD" shots? About half the first episode was bath scenes, which is truly remarkable, but there are such shots (obscured by fog and light rays and suchlike) in all the episodes. Every episode includes at least a few bath scenes, for instance. And when Saya defeated her sempai it was an MCSA, with the sempai's clothes being completely shredded.

It's all trash. Really pitiful.

UPDATE: Oh, and Saya is redlining the angst meter.

UPDATE: /images/09995.jpg

Shouldn't the girls all be wearing glasses?

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