December 31, 2015

Gun Control


My fellow Americans... If you don't own a gun yet, why the hell not?

I bought mine 3 years ago, shortly after Obama was sworn in for his second term as President. This was also about a month after I got home from rehab from my stroke, and I said to myself, "I better do this now, while I still can."

Still could, for two reasons: while I was still physically able to do it (and I'm not any more so I'm glad I did it when I could), and while it was still legal for me to do it. Obama has always wanted to restrict gun rights for everyone if he could get away with it, but if not that then incrementally, one small group at a time, until the restriction eventually achieved comprehensiveness.

So I decided to vote with my wallet. Every time Obama seriously talks about gun control, gun sales spike. And I helped. It's happened enough times now to be politically significant, convincing politicians in both parties that gun control is a non-starter with a very large percentage of American voters, at least at the federal level. (And Heller and McDonald helped, too.)

The Gun Grabbers won't rest, though. Whatever they think they can get away with, they'll try. Seattle just laid a huge tax on guns sold within the city, and California has routinely put as many obstacles in the way of gun ownership as they can. Massachusetts has really absurdly restrictive gun laws. DC lost the Heller decision (and a couple more since then) and still has ridiculous barriers to gun ownership.

And if they can't restrict gun ownership then they'll go after ammunition. I've been expecting this.

State Senator Roxanne Persaud (D-19) and Assemblywoman Jo Anne Simon (D-52) want to pass a law that would limit ammo purchases to twice the capacity of the firearm during a 90-day period (3 months)!

"OK, we reluctantly admit that the Second Amendment protects the right to own a gun. But it doesn't say anything about ammunition, does it? MWAhahaha...."

Yeah, we need to shine lights on this shit, and support legal challenges to it, but that isn't enough. If you don't own a gun you need to do what I did and buy one -- as a political statement, if for no other reason. Because that will get heard.

And once you have your gun, always always always remember the four rules of gun safety:

1. Treat every gun as if it is loaded.
2. Never point a gun at something unless you want to destroy it.
3. Keep your trigger finger off the trigger and out of the trigger guard until you are ready to fire.
4. Always be aware of your target and what's behind it.

That's my kind of "gun control".

UPDATE: That proposed NY law is idiotic for a lot of reasons, and of course it's unconstitutional. But if it passes and goes into effect, I don't see how it could prevent NY residents from making bulk ammunition purchases from out of state. States cannot regulate commerce that crosses state borders; that power is reserved for Congress by Article I section 8 of the Constitution.

NY is finding that out right now. They heaped a huge tax on cigarettes, and smokers responded by driving out of state and buying lots of tobacco and driving back home again. NY can do exactly nothing about it, and as a result NY's revenue from tobacco taxes has plummeted. Seems to me that ammunition sales would be exactly the same way.

Now possession is a different matter, constitutionally speaking. Since Colorado recently legalized sales and possession of marijuana, neighboring states have been complaining about it. Wyoming cannot make it illegal for Wyoming citizens to drive to Colorado to buy cannibis, but they can (and do) make it illegal for Wyoming citizens to possess cannibis no matter where it came from.

If they start getting a lot of importation of ammunition, eventually some bright liberal is going to get the idea that they should make it illegal for civilians to own more than two loads worth of bullets.

The only thing that will stop this garbage is for a third Supreme Court decision to state that possession of ammunition is also protected by the Second Amendment.

Frankly I don't think it's going to come to that, because I don't think the "2 loads every 90 days" law has any chance of passing the NY legislature.

And the reason is that the legislators are well aware of just how many guns are being bought every month in the country for the last few years. That is a very powerful statement.

It is also a very powerful deterrent for wannabe tyrants.

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