February 25, 2015

Mouretsu Pirates Movie update

The "progress report" (sic) at WhyNotSubs for the Mouretsu Pirates movie has been updated again. Now it says:

I'm not going to update this again, so just wait until it's finished now. The ETA is still soon™.

I assume Quattro isn't an engineer. We engineers have a term for this: "Real Soon Now". It means "Go away and leave me alone. I'll probably never finish it."

I wonder if anyone else had considered translating the movie, but were dissuaded by knowing WhyNotSubs claimed it was going to? We may have to wait until some company does a formal release in North America. Section23 did the release of the main series; I wonder if they're going to pick up the rights to the movie?

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Browser Hijack

Just now I followed a link from BakaBT to ANN, and instead I got this address:


Which was a page that told me I was infected with some virus, and put up a popup advising me to call some phone number or other. (This is a common tack for malware: the people on the phone number will then tell me how to download a program that "fixes" the problem and also makes me part of their botnet.) Dismissing the popup made it appear again, meaning I couldn't close the tab. The only way to recover was to use the process manager to kill IE.

Obviously the first thing to do, which I just did, was to tell Windows Security Essentials to do a scan, and it didn't find anything.

The second thing was to clear the browser cache.

The third thing was to add "pc-okok.com" to the reject file in Proxomitron, so that I can't ever load it again. But I still want to know how my access was hijacked.

I'd also like to know how my browser found the site. "pc-okok.com" doesn't resolve through DNS, so what address is it?

UPDATE: Ah. The entire URL does resolve through DNS to, which is "a23-3-75-25.deploy.static.akamaitechnologies.com". Think I'll be sending them some email... UPDATE: Man, I think they don't want to hear from anyone. What a clumsy web interface, which I don't think worked.

The whole URL looked like this:



When that URL was created, someone did a reverse DNS on my IP in order to learn that I'm on Comcast Commercial. So I assume there was some other site in between, but the IE browser history doesn't show anything that makes any sense.

The only possibility I can see is that ANN's server has been corrupted.

UPDATE: Actually, I just remembered that this kind of thing has happened before, and it was a seedy advertiser coming in via a fairly respectable ad server.

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February 24, 2015

Two Spirit?

This one almost needs a new category. "Weird World" isn't strong enough.

What the hell is "Two Spirit"? For a moment I thought it meant "Otherkin" which would be strange enough, but the Urban Dictionary set me straight.

People of my generation would have one of two reactions to this, I think.

1. "Wow, man, that's really deep!" (tooooke)

2. That's fucking nuts!

Despite the fact that I have long hair, I'm in the second camp. (I stopped toking nearly 30 years ago.) I suspect what we're dealing with here is what TVTropes calls "Bull Dykes". Or used to before the SJW's moved in and censored everything.

UPDATE: I'm going to Hell for this, aren't I?

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February 22, 2015

Nanatsu no Taizai -- ep 19

This series just keeps getting better and better. I think the main reason is that all the main characters are well thought out and believable as characters.


Ahh, ain't she cute? That's Diane as a little girl. ("Little", of course, is a relative term.) Anyway, spoilers below the fold.


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February 21, 2015

This is a classic!

Slow Joe Biden molesting anime girls!

Fortunately for him, he didn't pick any who are capable of blowing a hole through him. If he'd tried that on Android 18, for instance, he wouldn't have lived very long.

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Grrrr! Damn you, Microsoft!

I can't change the default player for MP3 files. It's set to "Windows Media Player" and frozen.

I can't uninstall Windows Media Player. It doesn't show up in the "Uninstall or change program" frame in the Control Panel.

I can't run WMP without going through a whole bunch of crap that's supposed to get me to subscribe to title-lookups and setting up playlists and buying stuff from the Microsoft music store and being part of weird social media shit.

This is how it feels:

So all I can do is to remember that I have to drag my MP3 files into Media Player Classic in order to avoid all that. It just plays the file; it doesn't do anything strange. That's what I want, but I can't make MPC my default MP3 player.

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February 20, 2015

Barakamon -- ep 2

I started watching Barakamon from last year, just for the heck of it. It's surprising. The main character is the straight man, around whom all the insanity flows, except that it's not that simple. He's angry and closed in, and it's clear that the story is going to be how the small town melts his heart and helps him find happiness inside, which will manifest in his art. (He's a calligrapher.)


The core of the show is Naru, the bratty 6 year old who won't leave him alone. By the end of the second episode she's already beginning to affect him, and by that I mean in a good way. I was impressed by her voice performance so I looked up the seiyuu. Info is sparse; and this is her only role. It's virtually unknown for a new seiyuu to be picked for a lead role their first time out, so I'm coming to the conclusion that she's a kid. If so, she's really amazing, because it's a voice performance worthy of a pro.


Naru the character is unique; I don't think I've ever run into anyone like her before. There isn't really any single word that easily describes her (besides "brat"); she's not insensitive, for instance. She's a bit of a tomboy. There isn't any hint of lolicon in the show, which is a relief. Her best friend is Hina, who is a crybaby. She's very shy. She cries when she's afraid. She cries when she's happy. She spends a lot of time crying. I have no idea how else her voice sounds because in the first two episodes she doesn't say anything.


I knew that the core of the show was Naru and her relationship with Our Hero. I didn't know that there were a couple of middle school girls, too. This isn't a harem show, and Our Hero is in his 20s, but it's obviously a tease.

The house OH moves into had been vacant for a long time, and Naru and the two jailbaits had been using it as a clubhouse, sort of. They had posters up on the wall and had a ghetto blaster and some CDs there, plus cushions and cards and other stuff.


The basic story is obvious: the tight-laced city boy is going to learn what life is really about from the island hicks; it's been told a thousand times. But if it's done well, it's still a good story, and so far it seems pretty good. I don't think I'll drop it yet.

UPDATE: Hina's seiyuu is 9 years old, so I'm certain now that Naru's seiyuu is a kid, too.

UPDATE: I think every one of the kids (and I've seen 8 so far) has a real child for a seiyuu. That's a really interesting choice by the director; it must have been a real headache in production. But it changes the feel of the show; a woman pretending to be a child just doesn't sound the same.

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February 19, 2015

But but but...

Why would anyone want to watch an AMV consisting entirely of guys and ducks bathing? Guys are icky.

Give me an AMV of girls bathing (with or without ducks), and I'll be right there -- even though I don't really get AMV's anyway.

(Someone posted something like this (NSFW) a few days ago. I didn't download it.)

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February 17, 2015

A nice juxtaposition...

Just now I loaded my own page and got a really nice top picture to go with the rest of the page. See for yourself.

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Hyakka Ryouran Samurai After

It's a one-ep OVA. For a show like this, you'd expect the OVA to be loaded with fan service, but in fact it doesn't really have any more than the regular series did. There's some sort of story, but I watched a raw so I have no idea what it was.

Anyway, let's begin with some yuri:


UPDATE: Everything below the fold is NSFW.


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