February 27, 2016

Luck & Logic -- ep 8


Well, we're two thirds of the way through the series (assuming it's one cour) and we're doing yet another girl-of-the-week episode. This time it was Veronica, the boss of the unit, Yoshichika's superior. An old friend in trouble, and yadayada. Pretty uninteresting, except for the fact that it's the first mission for Yukari and Quetzalcoatl. They had some problems, but they got better as the mission went along. So far it appears that the only power they have when in trance is the ability to fly, but that can be pretty useful when you're fighting on a big oil derrick in the middle of a snow storm.

And she did pretty well, all told, and made a pretty good contribution. (And I won't be surprised if she eventually has some sort of attack.)

I think the only girl left we haven't done an of-the-week for is Athena, and I bet that's next. And then they'll be forced to tell their main story, since they won't have any more sidetracks left. I hope.

UPDATE: Actually, they've been dropping hints about something called "over-trance" all through the series and this episode was another. Ominously, in the first episode we learn that Yoshichika has done over-trance and didn't lose his mind, though he did lose his power. He asked Athena why she sought him out to be his partner and she said it was because she believed he'd be willing to sacrifice everything he was in overtrance. And we've been seeing hints all along about what this might mean. I suspect that the climax of the series is going to require Yoshichika to do an overtrance, again.

Sweet as she seems to be, it looks like Athena chose him because she expects to sacrifice him. And that's really pretty evil, you know that?

A couple of episodes ago there was a confrontation between Athena and Lucifer and what they said suggested that it was a conflict between the two of them which started the war. It makes me wonder if maybe Athena was the bad guy in all this.

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